Helping airlines to stay in control


MOREreport is an integrated analysis and reporting system, specially developed for the airline industry. It combines the following functionality:

  • Flown Revenue
  • Sold Revenue
  • Corporate Tracking
  • Management of Corporate Agreements
  • Agent Register
  • Revenue Budgeting & Forecasting

Typically, an airline would have to implement several specialized systems to cover these tasks. Each system requires its own set of skills and exchanging data between them is not always trivial. Instead, MOREreport brings many of the analysis tools a modern airline needs under one roof - at a very reasonable cost.

During the development of MOREreport we have worked closely with airlines’ headquarters and regional sales offices, to build a useful tool for their day-to-day work. Nobody needs to be an expert to get valuable business information from MOREreport.


Implementing MOREreport in the organization usually leads to the following benefits:

  • Increased precision in forecasting and budgeting. Our technology of re-using the most recent actual data as a forecasting template has resulted in concrete quality improvements. The convenient editing features in MOREreport relieve the controller from time-consuming routine work.
  • Quicker reactions to campaigns and other sales activities lead to higher sales efficiency.
  • Reduced need for systems training, due to the intuitive functionality of MOREreport. The same set of skills can be used to analyze cost, flown revenue, BSP and other data types.
  • Reduced time for reporting and consolidation. No time is required for re-formatting data which is already available. Consolidation and currency calculations are done automatically and online.
  • Standardization for the head office and flexibility for individual departments.

Take off

This is the interactive screen for revenue analysis, either sold or flown. Many drill-downs can be made by simply using the mouse:

  • Agent ranking or grouping
  • City pair ranking or route grouping
  • Split by booking class

Agents and routes can be grouped in as many dimensions as you need. Users can even create their own dimensions, for example to follow an ad-hoc group of agents.

All data is available on coupon level. This allows further drill-downs, such as

  • Fare base
  • Tour code
  • Flown date
  • Flight number

On board

Among the MOREreport users are international and regional airlines:

  • ANA All Nippon Airways
  • Wideroe
  • SAA South African Airways
  • SAS Scandinavian Airlines